The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt – FAQ and Guide

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt guide contains frequently asked questions regarding the gameplay mechanics and game features. It also contains tips how to earn gold, expanding fleet and more.

Can I lose a premium ship?

No, If you lose a battle or a premium ship set to AI control, ship will be spawned in the Cabo de la Vela port.

How do I find the treasure maps, what I can find on treasure island?

Treasure Maps are found in open world sailing. They can be found on survivors, at shipwrecks, on the abandoned ghost/mystery ships, in claimed treasure chests and it’s rumored that some captains on captured ships have them. To view the location of a treasure island after locating a treasure map, open your menu, go to overview, go to treasure maps tab, select show on map. Treasure islands can only be found by sailing to the location in open world. After obtaining a treasure map, you should explore the island before you can collect another map.

Treasures you find on island are random. You can obtain:

  • Gold
  • Blueprints
  • Map of another Treasure island

Can I capture the pirate ships?

Pirate ships cannot be captured on in-port based missions or on confederacy encounters when you teleport from port to port, but they can be captured in open world based sailing.

How to locate hidden ports?

Hidden smuggler ports and premium ports (also available for purchase in the premium shop under Total Town Pack) can be located by sailing in open world. It's recommended to sail near the mainland, islands and explore the rivers of Brazil to locate these.

How to find blueprints and build ships from them?

You can collect blueprints for ships in open world to build ships at your bases. 100% of a blueprint is required to build. You can build the shipwright which aids in completing fragmented blueprints by collecting rubies from completing the daily challenges, win rubies as an award in multiplayer tournaments periodically, or purchase them in the premium shop.

To find blueprints sail close to the beaches, and you will see the wrecks of ships. Stop by the wreck and your crew will search for blueprints.

If you want to build a ship you must construct a shipyard on a port that you own. (build it in city menu).

If you have a port, select the menu button in the upper left corner, then select “Overview” button and then select “Blueprints” button.

Select the ship you want to build and use “Build the ship” button.

What is the letter of marque?

National flags can be flown only by purchasing a letter of marque with the desired nation. To do this, sail to a port of the desired nation, open menu and tap the freelance flag and purchase a letter of marque. National flags are only available per in game timeline and the year of availability found next to the nation in the reputation list.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt – FAQ and Guide

Your jolly roger can be changed by the same method as above, but they are only available if you have sunk a pirate hosting the desired flag of choice and earned the right to hoist it.

Note: You can choose to hoist one flag on all masts by selecting the option fly flag on all masts.

Ship spawning basics

Ships spawn at random in open world. Different ship types unlock with the in-game currency purchase of map expansions found in the port shops. Premium ships found in the premium shop, or under the premium tab in the book of ships never spawn in open world, and are not available for purchase in port per in-game currency.

Only select military and civil class ships are available for capture or in port purchase per in-game currency.

How do I find [name of the ship] in the open word?

Generation of ships on missions, vessels you encounter in the open world, blueprints and treasure maps don’t depend on area of the game world you’re currently in. Their level (Tier) depends on how many maps you own. If you own more maps there is more probability that better ship can be spawned. The best ships will be spawned if you discover Panama Coast. Discovering remaining regions doesn’t affect the ship spawning. Expansion of the map needs to have consideration given to that the difficulty of enemies will be increased.

Order of the maps:

  • Windward Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • Hispaniola
  • Bahamas
  • Florida
  • Cuba
  • Panama Coast
  • Yukatan
  • Louisiana
  • Mexico coast
  • Brasil coast

How to capture the ship?

All ships found in open world are available for capture. To capture a ship, it is recommended that you take more than one ship for the needed minimum crew to sail requirement.

Methods of capture

To capture a ship by boarding you must have the Captain Skill Corsair equipped. You approach the desired vessel, a hook icon will appear when in range, click this icon and a boarding mini-game will appear. Click the icons to kill the crew of the ship.

Another method, take grapeshot with you as well as cannon balls or bombs, take the hull down on at least one side of the vessel to 50% with standard ammo, then switch to grapeshot and kill the crew.

Sailing tips and recommendations/requirements

To sail more than two ships, you must equip Captain Skills Commodore 1 & 2.

Sailing requires skill and knowledge. It is recommended to fully upgrade your vessels to utilize their full potential.

Using rum to increase your full sail speed and damage dealt is extremely helpful.

Also learn the skill of using your sails by opening and closing them with and against the wind to turn faster. Also, use the turn lock arrows located near the wheel to aid in turning.

Utilize your compass to navigate in open world.

Pay attention to wind direction vs the dead angle of your ship. This will aid in turning and speed.

Ship repair tips and requirements

These repairs can only be made when not in battle sails mode.

Hull repair

To repair damage to your ship's hull you must have Captain Skill Axeman equipped and have lumber on board your ship.

Sail repair

To repair damaged sails you must have Captain Skill Bosun equipped and have sailcloth on board your ship.

Cannon repair

To repair damaged cannons you must have Captain Skill Quartermaster equipped and have cannons on board your ship.

Note: These items are available for purchase in the port shop.

Repair kits

Another method for repair is to utilize repair kits. These kits can be gained by watching videos, playing the daily bonus game, exchanging skill points for them and as rewards periodically for multiplayer tournaments. They can also be purchased from the premium shop in the Dead Man's Chest, Treasure Chest or as separate bulk packages. Please be advised that these now repair cannons.

Attacking ports and ships and the uses of ammunition

Accuracy depends on distance, and your ability to aim. There are a variety of Captain Skills that improve these functions as well.


These are a useful form of self defense and needed to destroy the forts when attacking a port. They are also extremely helpful for sinking ships. To utilize mortars, you must equip these in ship upgrades, and carry bombs on board your ship. The mortar fire button is located above your ammo selection button only in battles sails mode. You can toggle the direction of projection by tapping the button above the fire button.

Cannon Balls

Standard ammunition, used in single or double load to damage the hull of a ship. Please note that double loaded cannons have decreased range and increased reload time, but deal double the damage.

Chain Balls

Standard ammunition used to damage the sails of a ship, effective for immobilizing a ship.


Standard ammunition used to rip the crew of a ship to shreds, effective for capturing a ship.


Standard ammunition used as mortar ammo, but extremely effective as standard cannon ammo. Please note that bombs as cannon ammo has a decreased range and increased reload time.


This is a specialized ammunition. The Captain Skill Firebug is required to be equipped to utilize this ammo. This ammo is extremely useful in more than one way, and just cool to use.

Gun Powder

This is also a specialized ammunition. The Captain Skill Trapmaster is required to be equipped to utilize this ammo. It is extremely effective for damaging the hull of a ship. Be careful though, they can be a double edged sword if the enemy shoots them to close to your ship as you drop them!

Earning gold coins (in-game currency)

  • Attacking ports - yields 5,000 gold coins
  • Capture and sell ships and their supplies separately, this includes pirate ships in open world.
  • Take in port and map based smuggler missions
  • Buy cargo at cheap prices and sell at expensive prices. These are highlighted next to ports on the map by a red and green icon. Be sure to read the port news to see what cargo is rare.
  • Best way to build gold is to keep crew levels at minimum levels on ships not used regularly. Be sure to keep a minimum required maintenance crew so your ships don't become damaged.
  • Reduce the frequency of that weekly crew payment by sailing in open world, pay attention to the time required to sail port to port if you use this method of sailing. One week equals a crew payment, travel further distances.
  • If you have not built the merchant guild yet by collecting rubies from completing the daily challenges, winning rubies as an award in multiplayer tournaments periodically, or purchase them in the premium shop, be sure you visit your bases often to sell the items produced in your buildings. Remember, it's easier to keep even a sloop at each base for crew payment purposes, and not sail port to port racking up crew payments. Simply switch to each base with this method.
  • Build and upgrade all available buildings at your bases. There is a premium package available in the premium shop called Pile O Houses, this aids in increasing gold earned.
  • Gold and experience points can also be earned by playing pve and pvp in multiplayer mode.
  • There are a variety of in port and map based missions that you can earn gold by completing them.
  • Collect treasure maps and locate treasure, this amount increases by 200 coins with each completion.
  • Locate the hidden smuggler ports, yields 3,000 gold coins to keep their location secret.
  • Remember you're a pirate, raid, pillage and plunder!


Nation Reputation

Having a good reputation with nations decreases docking fees. Carrying a letter of marque increases in port prices when you trade cargo with that nation, and aids in open world as your allied nation will not attack you and will come to aid you in attacks if present. Attacking a port will drop your reputation to pirate with that nation and you will not be able to enter that nations ports. But don't worry, you can repair a damaged reputation by purchasing a letter of parole and trade with that nation.

Smuggler Reputation

The higher your reputation with the smugglers, the more they pay you for cargo. Attack them or bring the wrong cargo and your reputation will decrease. This must be unlocked by equipping the Captain Skill Smuggler

Captain Reputation

This one is very important. The higher your reputation, the more crew you will find available in ports. Your crew payments will be less, your hiring price will be less and they won't lead a mutiny against you. Dismissing crew when selling ships and not paying your crew on time will decrease your reputation, so you should avoid doing these.

Ferryman Reputation

This one increases how much you are paid for transporting passengers from port to port. This must be unlocked by equipping the Captain Skill Ferryman.

Base siege

Defend your base by responding to the prompt. Premium item Base Forts aids in this. There is no required response time either, your base will not be destroyed if you don't respond.