Warplanes: Battles over Pacific updates, next project and our philosophy

Hi pilots and VR enthusiasts. We have a very busy summer and second half of the year ahead of us. We are working on Warplanes: Battles over Pacific updates and... a new project, which we will announce tomorrow!

If you are curious about our next game, don't miss Upload VR Showcase which starts tomorrow June 9 at 8am PT/11am ET/4pm UK.

The stream will be available on UploadVR YouTube channel and as part of IGN Summer of Gaming.

Warplanes: Battles over Pacific – release on Meta Store

Our latest game is at the beginning of its road, we have many ideas for new content updates and we are working on them.

We are also pleased to announce that the game will be released on the Meta Store later this year, and owners of the App Lab version will receive a free update.

We will be announcing the exact release date soon. The new content update will debut later in June.

What's next? Our approach to releasing and updating games

This is a very complex topic, but we would like to give you a brief idea of our philosophy. Home Net Games is a bunch of old-school gamers. We love making games, giving players great experience and fun. We don't want to idealize our approach and bash the competition – every studio or publisher has its own core values and ideas for business. Our studio employs highly skilled and experienced professionals and each game needs to be profitable – that’s an obvious fact. Let’s take Warplanes: WW1 Fighters as an example to analyze our modus operandi.

  • The game on SideQuest / itch.io cost $9.99, contained a significant amount of content and we received really very positive feedback.
  • After entering the App Lab and adding multiplayer, new planes, and new game modes the price was $14.99.
  • After months of work, the final price in the Meta Store was $19.99.
  • Everyone who bought the game on SideQuest / itch.io received a free key for the Meta Store version.
  • We did not sell any DLC with single planes.
  • The game is still getting updates after over a year since release (such as the Challenge Mode introduced in Battles over Pacific).

Home Net Hames wants to remain a small studio (there are only 8 of us), and we love making new games. Therefore, at some point after release, priority is given to the next project rather than back-catalog updates. But rest assured – despite the updates being less frequent, we have not abandoned WW1.

Thank you for being here, even though we can't grant all your wishes or reply to all the messages we receive, your input is invaluable.