Warplanes: Air Corp available on the Meta Store along with the new update

About ten months after its debut on App Lab, Warplanes: Air Corp has arrived on the Meta Store!

Thanks to your feedback, we have managed to make the game better and deliver an experience that we are proud of. Of course, this is not the end of the game's development; fans of the Warplanes series know that we also support the first installment of the series, even though it debuted in January 2021.

Along with the launch of Warplanes: Air Corp in the Meta Store, we are introducing update 1.6, which includes two new aircraft:

  • Hi-8 – a heavy helicopter with 3 weapon systems and transport capacity;
  • VMA-22 Sea Hawk – a multi-mission tiltrotor VTOL aircraft.

We have also added new co-op missions and new types of mission objectives (attack or defend wind farms).

We encourage everyone who hasn't had a chance to check out Warplanes: Air Corp to watch the launch trailer.

Migration to the Meta Store is free for owners of the Warplanes: Air Corp on App Lab. To enjoy the newest version, simply download the update if you have automatic updates disabled. Game progress and multiplayer statistics won’t be reset.