Warplanes: Air Corp released on App Lab

Unleash mayhem piloting powerful jets and helicopters

Warplanes: Air Corp is now available on Meta Quest 2 owners (and soon also on Meta Quest 3). Buy the third installment of the Warplanes series on App Lab at the discounted price of $14.99.

Engage in combat at the core of the modern battlefield in Warplanes: Air Corp in VR. The third installment of the best-selling Warplanes series introduces a new era of modern military aviation. In addition to fighter jets and multirole combat aircraft you are able to pilot attack helicopters!

Attack helicopters are the greatest new feature in Air Corp, providing an additional layer to the gameplay. The gameplay has gained new depth with the inclusion of radars, flares, modern anti-aircraft defense systems, drones, and more.

  • The third installment of the VR hit Warplanes series that takes us to the modern battlefield.
  • Pilot lightning-fast modern jets.
  • In addition to planes, you can sit behind the controls of attack helicopters!
  • Acquire a total of 9 machines inspired by the best combat aircraft and helicopters from around the world.
  • Adjust the difficulty level of combat to your preference - you can turn off the automatic targeting system and release flares manually.
  • Friendly flight model and intuitive controls.
  • COMING SOON: PvP and co-op multiplayer.