Does the game support HOTAS?

We support controllers which are on this list.

If it is listed above (and for the Meta Quest version, it should be under the "Android" column), then your hardware should work and the only thing you have to do is to check the settings / controls while in-game. In the special panel that you will find there - you can operate using touch controllers from your VR headset.

It should be possible to customize actions by double-clicking on the action and clicking the joystick buttons.

Note for SteamVR users: having potential HOTAS issues - go to Steam game properties/Controller tab and after disabling Steam Input - try again to set your changes in terms of controls mapping, while in-game - in the settings/controls window.

For players using non-standalone VR headsets, where PC (and thus, your monitor too) is taking a part in your VR experience - in case of issues related to the visibility, or accessibility of any in-game functions (typically a symptom of an exotic resolution or proportions of the screen), we would advise running the game with the following launch option:

-res 1920x1080x0

If all else fails, in some edge cases - the use of the SteamVR Input system may prove helpful. In short - while in-game, access SteamVR menu and then:

  • Click on the 'controller bindings' button, below the title of the running game;
  • In the 'manage controller bindings for' window - choose 'custom' next to the 'Active Controller Binding' label;
  • After that, you want to click on the 'edit this binding' button that should appear;
  • In the new window - you can remap any button from whatever controller you are using and which SteamVR is detecting at the moment.

Lastly - getting in touch with other members of the community via our discord might come in handy, as it is not unlikely to find other players who were able to successfully use the exact same hardware in the past.