Does the game offer telemetry support?

PC versions (Rift/Steam/Vive) of Warplanes: Battles over Pacific supports telemetry.

You can find a config file in (local game folder) WW2VR_Data\StreamingAssets\smc.cfg

Using the Steam version as an example - to determine the location of you game folder, find Warplanes: Battles over Pacific in your Steam Library, go to its properties / local files / and finally - click the "browse" button.

In most cases it works, you just need to use default data (MMF or UDP).

By default, the game outputs telemetry into MMF, you can switch to UDP by removing MMF line from the config file.

  • Default MMF: ww1
  • Default IP:
  • Default port: 50000
  • Data sequence: Roll, Pitch, Heave, Yaw, Sway, Surge