Warplanes: Battles over Pacific is available now!

Warplanes: Battles over Pacific is available now!

Experience WW2 dogfight in VR! Warplanes: Battles over Pacific is now available for Meta Quest 1&2 (App Lab) and PC VR (SteamVR)

What are the biggest changes between WW1 Fighters and Battles over Pacific?

  • Flight model written from scratch – increased speed and maneuverability of World War II planes have twisted the gameplay and introduced a true dogfight.
  • Improved graphics – photorealistic skies, reflections on planes, vivid colors of Pacific Islands, and more.
  • Standalone multiplayer – multiplayer is now fully independent from the singleplayer mode.

Why is the game available on App Lab instead of Quest Store?

We want to get Warplanes: Battles over Pacific into players' hands as soon as possible to get your feedback. App Lab gives us more flexibility in terms of the release date. We have considered various release options with the Meta Quest team, who were very supportive throughout the process. We decided to follow the same release path as WW1: Fighters and start with the debut on App Lab.