Update 0.8.3 – Triple Entente campaign is available now!

Usually developers announce delays, but we’ve been crunching a little bit and manage to release a Triple Entente campaign with 4 playable planes almost a week before the planned date. We had so much fun after implementing British machines, that we couldn’t wait and we wanted to share them with you.

Update 0.8.3 – Triple Entente campaign is available now!

New experience in new planes

We didn’t expect that cockpit design would affect the gameplay and immersion. During researching of the references, we noticed the pilots in those planes had much less space, resulting with some sort of claustrophobic feeling. For example in Airco DH.2 we had to move the bomb box to the outside of the pilot cabin. With low, and open cockpit, this plane offers a peculiar experience – the fright of falling out from it combined with an amazing angle of sight. You must give it a try!

Btw. we are aware that bombs would fall off from the box and this way of bombing runs wasn’t as common as in our game, but clinging to realism and historical accuracy often kills the gameplay, so we prefer to sacrifice realism over fun.

We also changed the list of planes we are developing for Triple Entente. We are choosing models that will fit VR gameplay and provide a unique experience. Version 0.8.3 contains; Airco DH.2, Sopwith F.1 Camel and Bristol M.1 (2 variants).

We hope that you’ll enjoy flying the new planes as much as we do!

To download the newest update, log in into your itch.io account. Select your username from top right corner, select My library and click Download. Then follow our manual to upload the APK to your Oculus Quest, using the SideQuest app.